India is a homeland of Foods, here we can find diversified recipes across the county from vegetarian to popular Non-Vegetarian dishes,  the Indian cuisines have different methods of cooking and serving styles. Let us talk about Non-Vegetarian cuisines, seafood,  mutton, and chicken is widely consumed across India.  The styles of cooking differ from Mughlai to Chinese to south Indian style, amongst various dishes are meat gravies, fries, roasted and other types of appetizers, meat pickles are also quite famous in south India.

Talking about taste Biryani is one of the most preferable and trendy non-vegetarian dishes, it can be made with eggs, mutton, chicken,  amongst the different versions of biryani Hyderabadi, Kolkata and Lahori biryani are most common, the perfect combination of aromatic rice, spicy flavors and rich taste make it a favorite recipe of the entire nation.

Fish and Seafood such as pomfrettengra,  crabs, lobsters, prawns, shrimps, etc. is a part of the coastal cuisines where they are available in abundance. Nowadays plates of seafood can be easily home delivered to any part of the county and you can order online from the comfort of your home. Steamed fish, crab gravy, fish curry, grilled, etc. are the most preferred dishes amongst fish lovers.

All-time favorite Kebabs, korma, kheema, tandoori, paaya, etc. made from chicken and mutton have become a part of the Indian food culture for centuries and you will easily find them on the menus of restaurants. However, homemade recipes are far better as you can have your version and can control the hygiene and nutritional aspect by yourself.  The non-veg food is packed up with proteins, zinc, iron, vitamins and many other nutrients which are ideal for overall healthy wellbeing. 

When we are talking about non-veg food,  it’s almost impossible to skip Mughlai cuisine, the most mouthwatering recipe.  This food cuisine came from the advent of the Mughal empire in India from 1426 to 1857. India’s food history is rich in aromatic spices, nuts, and dried fruits. The flavors of Mughlai can range from mild to spicy and are associated with their distinct aroma and use of whole spices. The Mughlai cuisine is generally quite spicy and heavily marked with a very unique aroma.  It has over time remained one of the most popular and favourite cuisines among foodies. Some of its signature dishes include Biriyani, Mughlai Paratha, Murg Musallam, Kebabs, Malai Kofta and Rezala that are bound to crave for more.

Mughlai dishes are twisted as mild to medium-hot cream and nut-based gravies, rice dishes with lots of nuts, dried fruits, where you should expect spices like saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg. Common dishes that feature traditional Mughlai flavors include biryani, kebabs, kofta, pulao, and tandoor. Examples of these traditional dishes include Mughlai chicken, Mughlai biryani, Mughlai paratha, reshmi kebab, kadhai gosht, and tandoori.

Though many Mughlai meals are rich and appetizing, they can always be lightened up by substituting healthier ingredients. With its historical roots, Mughlai cuisine is still very much alive in kitchens across the globe, whether at home or in restaurants. The spices used in the Indian non-vegetarian dishes make them special and unique from the non-vegetarian items of the western cuisines.

The strong influence of Muslim cooking styles is evident throughout Mughlai meals as Mughals left a lasting impact on India. The Mughlai dishes are still very desired today.  Cooking Mughlai cuisine is time-consuming and very involved with the number of flavored sauces and oil-based curries—it’s almost like it is created to make people want to have more! The names of these foods are also so appealing, which may tempt people to try new dishes in the Mughlai style.

So Stop wondering and have one Mughlai on your plate

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