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Goat Trotters (paaye)


Goat Trotters (paaye)


Goat Trotters (paaye)

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Description for 4 trotters:
  • serves: 3-4
  • Gross weight:500-600gms 
  • Net weight: 500-600gms





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Goat Trotters (paaye)


Goat Trotters consists of the lower leg part of Goat , cut from slightly below the knees. Trotters from Indofoody are perfectly cleaned and cut in a proper way to cook. Goat Trotters are considered very helpful in leg related diseases and for strengthening of legs. Trotters are extremely tasty and one of the most loved dish for foodies. It can be made in various delicious ways of which, Stew, Paaya soup, Paaya Curry (often served with makka chapati ) are among the most favorite ones.


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